Trailer Towing Tips

Trailer towing is very potentially hazardous. Without taking the proper precautions you could find yourself in quite the compromised position, facing lawsuits and injury. Knowing the ins and out of hitching and towing a trailer can save you a lot … Continued

Tips on Saving MPGs while in Tow

Aside from the entirely new set of driving skills you have hopefully mastered while towing your trailer, you have to learn proficiency in the logistics of tongue weight, gross trailer weight and hitch strength. And then there’s the detriment to … Continued

Reasons to buy a Travel Trailer

You’re an avid camper who likes to travel all around and experience new places, but it’s just you and a significant other, or you and your small family. Sure, purchasing and owning a big RV would be great, all that … Continued

Origins of the Teardrop Trailer

Here at Little Guy Trailers, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of teardrop trailers. Their small footprint, ergonomic design and charming aesthetic make them the preferred trailer for thousands of travel enthusiasts. Next to hulking RVs they might look … Continued

History of RVs

Way back in 1910, there weren’t many gas stations located within the United States. There also weren’t a ton of paved roads for people to drive on, and the highway systems as we know it today were non-existent. But recreational … Continued