Origins of the Teardrop Trailer

Here at Little Guy Trailers, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of teardrop trailers. Their small footprint, ergonomic design and charming aesthetic make them the preferred trailer for thousands of travel enthusiasts. Next to hulking RVs they might look a bit silly, but in fact their size is one of their greatest attributes. But where did these curious little trailers come from in the first place? Today we’ll take a look back at teardrop trailer history.

Postwar Beginnings

Teardrop trailer designs rose to popularity following World War II when the economy was booming and American families had the surplus income to start taking vacations again. They were especially appealing during this time because they were light enough to be towed by cars powered by small engines with less than 100 horsepower. Teardrop trailers also become popular with the DIY crowd as they were relatively easy and inexpensive to design and build.

Mid-Century Slump

In the 1960’s and 70’s, when gas was cheap and bigger was better, teardrop sales fell while larger trailers and RVs came to be favored by American consumers. Before long, they went from being the country’s campers of choice to quaint novelty items from an earlier decade. Fortunately, however, their legacy endured.

A Modern-Day Resurgence

Today, in an age where gas is no longer so affordable and Americans are re-embracing the DIY ethic, teardrop trailers have once again captured the hearts and minds of the nation’s vacationers. These days, many teardrops are constructed at home from designs found on the internet. As a result, you can find some truly creative examples of teardrop design on the road in the 21st century.

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