Cross-country trips have never been so cozy!

We want you to get out and explore this great nation! Our hearts rest with the same explorers and daredevils that established this amazing country, the same adventurers that trekked across rough terrain within nothing but a wagon full of supplies and a thirst for discover. In today’s modern world, however, we’re happy to indulge in a little cross-country pampering! Instead of a rickety wagon, we’re offering you a comfortable, resilient, and economical selection of cozy campers.

If you get restless sitting in one spot for too long, and you need to stretch your legs across the state lines, then contact us today to see all of our fantastic options. We have various campers that can suit your needs perfectly, without breaking your budget.

Our options come from seven different brands, which range in both weight and size. From small frames with fiberglass bodies, to larger choices with lots of bells and whistles, Little Guy Trailers can suit all of your needs.

But what if you aren’t interested in purchasing, yet still want to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable? We handle rental options as well! With a giant rental fleet available, we can make sure that your trip is luxurious even though you might find yourself miles away from civilization. Visit out site,, and download our rental form to get started.

Just because you’re taking a long trip to get away from it all doesn’t mean that you can’t take a little of it with you! Our trailer options allow you to bring the best parts of civilized life with you along for the ride, while still granting you the freedom to indulge that inner explorer who is begging to get moving!

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