History of RVs

Way back in 1910, there weren’t many gas stations located within the United States. There also weren’t a ton of paved roads for people to drive on, and the highway systems as we know it today were non-existent. But recreational vehicles, better known as RVs, were around. Of course, they didn’t look anything like the RVs that you see driving on America’s roads in 2017. They were much smaller motorized campers that allowed people to pull over and sleep whenever they wanted to, but they did help give birth to the RVs that you see now with camping trailers.


Since 1910, RVs and small trailers have come a really long way. RV camping clubs started to pop up throughout the country in the 1920s and 1930s and encouraged more and more people to consider purchasing RVs for their families. Also in the 1930s, RVs with beds and dinettes and conveniences like electricity and water started to pop up. From there, RVs continued to grow—both figuratively and literally—and by the 1950s and 1960s, they included everything from small RV kits to gigantic 30-foot RVs that could fit several people at once. The RV industry has since evolved a lot over the years and many of today’s RVs look like homes once you step inside.


There are so many different RV options for those looking to invest in one today. You can purchase everything from a really big RV with all the trimmings down to a very affordable and comfortable trailer that you can hook up to the back of your vehicle. It will offer you the opportunity to transport items around the country and sleep when you want to during your travels.

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